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The Big Apple, also known as the infamous New York City. The city heard around the world, the city that is so well known that its a big part of our society. Hollywood glorifies it, Jay Z has a song about it (as do many other artists), it’s portrayed to be this beautiful, perfect and […]

Globalization and privatization have been flourishing in the United States lately. Ever since the 1990’s it has exploded and allowed many business to flourish and create their products for much cheaper while selling them for a hefty price. What isn’t talked about however is how it can have an impact on the economy if the […]

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I took a trip to my old “home away from home” neighborhood, Tribeca, in the Borough of Manhattan. I use to go to school around there. My school was called BMCC and It was located on chambers street near the world trade center. As I explored my old neighborhood I noticed the familiar sight of […]

“Can you spare me some change?” That was the first thing I heard walking down the stairs of the track platform in Jamaica Station. Its quite sad. Imagine being a complete stranger to New York City and having that as the first impression of an amazing city. The more I continued to walk around Jamaica, […]