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Was Bob Dylan’s hit song, ” The Times They Are A-Changin’” (1964), way ahead of its time? A 1963 article in The New York Times declared that, “segregation is as much a fact of life [in the North] as it is in the South.” According to The Times, “almost invariably the color of [“the Negro’s”] […]

Everyone likes to think of New York City as one of the most diverse places in the World. They aren’t wrong in New York you can find residents or tourists from all around the world. This is what leads to people thinking of New York City as the “melting pot”. However, are all the diverse […]

Looking back at history, there is a lot to discuss about when we think of segregation between the different ethnicities that exist in the United States. Inequality between colored people and white people has been a big issue in the United States, dating hundreds of years back to when slavery was first established. The gap […]

Already far past the civil rights movement, most cities we see should be racially integrated. Instead, we have exclusionary cities and towns with isolated racial “ghettos.” Harlem continues to be a black ghetto, while places such as Westchester and Long Island continue to be affluent dominantly white areas. Part of the reason of this modern-day […]