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We all hear how global warming and other issues are becoming a threat to our  environment. Now is that true? That may be a hard question for you to answer because of the influence of politics on our world today. We have people saying that indeed global warming, along with many other  environmental issues are […]

I’ve learned quite a few things during this course one of them being about poverty. I thought I knew it all about poverty because my family and I experienced poverty, however, we never really tried to education ourselves on exactly why people can’t get out of poverty. I never knew about the three theories of […]

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The first half of the semester in my Urban Studies class has taught me a lot on poverty and affluence and it has shown me how prevalent economic and racial inequality is throughout history and how it pertains to New York. Prior to taking this class I understood that inequality exists today but I never […]

In todays society, as the gap continues to increase; rich getting richer and poor getting poorer welfare comes along to provide the people on the lower end of the totem poll with benefits to help them live daily. The Dictionary definition of welfare is ” the health, happiness, and fortunes of a person or group.”  […]

"The Odyssey"

Oh America, how we Salute you and worship you for your great opportunities which defines yourself as the “Land of the Free” and a place where there is a high chance of the  “American Dream” being obtained. Well my fellow Americans, I’ve got some news for you and if you haven’t realized it yet, you […]

Mind the Gap by David Neita Mind the Gap between the rich and the poor If nothing is done it will extend even more The rich live on Excess Island in the middle of Deprived Sea when the wealth of the world is enough to satisfy everybody If wealth is distributed, then wealth will increase […]

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I took a trip to my old “home away from home” neighborhood, Tribeca, in the Borough of Manhattan. I use to go to school around there. My school was called BMCC and It was located on chambers street near the world trade center. As I explored my old neighborhood I noticed the familiar sight of […]

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     Rich & Poor in Flushing, NY       In everyday life, you walk around thinking what’s best for you and the people you care for. You usually see a homeless man or woman on the side of the street and move on with your day. It’s becoming so normal to see homeless […]

Tall buildings tower over the sidewalks while bakeries and coffee shops welcome customers with certain aromas. Some streets are packed with people which forces you to make your way through the crowd while others streets have a person or two talking arm in arm. Some are in business suits and others are dressed casually. There […]

Walking around the city being aware and observant, was a life changing experience for me. There’s so much that goes on that we tend to miss because we’re too busy socializing on our phones, or conversing with our friends. I walked around Columbus Circle which is heavily populated area in the borough of Manhattan, where […]

Having grown up in the suburbs on Long Island, I can’t say I’ve been exposed to a great deal of poverty. Living in a predominantly white neighborhood and having gone to private, Catholic school for 16 years, coming to Queens was obviously eye-opening. For my research, I thought it most valuable for me to observe […]

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Walking down Main Street, Flushing, lets you envision many people. Some who are rich people and others who are poor people. But what makes a person rich and what makes a person poor? Someone who is rich has a nice place to live, can afford nice cars, and can support their family with more than […]

In society today, poverty along with many other factors contribute to society in negative and harsh ways. With inequality, and the fact that difference between rich and poor people being so large and consistent is caused because of many things. When thinking looking at it in an individualistic manner, one can see how a specific […]

New York City is one of the most exciting and biggest cities in the United States. However, just like many other cities and towns in the United States, in NYC there is a clear division between the wealthy and the poor. You can automatically distinguish between rich neighborhoods from poor neighborhoods. Just by the way […]

“Can you spare me some change?” That was the first thing I heard walking down the stairs of the track platform in Jamaica Station. Its quite sad. Imagine being a complete stranger to New York City and having that as the first impression of an amazing city. The more I continued to walk around Jamaica, […]