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  Reflection #2 Over the course of studying about urban life, many of my opinions have changed because I’ve learned so much more about the topic. I found welfare to be a really interesting discussion over the past semester. I find it crazy how many Americans are on welfare and how many of them are […]

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The first half of the semester in my Urban Studies class has taught me a lot on poverty and affluence and it has shown me how prevalent economic and racial inequality is throughout history and how it pertains to New York. Prior to taking this class I understood that inequality exists today but I never […]

The United States is the most unequal of all western nations. Out of the top 20 most developed nations, the U.S. has the most extreme concentration of wealth. The richest 1% earns more than double what the majority makes. What causes economic inequality? I have the same question, and there are many different theories. The […]

Tall buildings tower over the sidewalks while bakeries and coffee shops welcome customers with certain aromas. Some streets are packed with people which forces you to make your way through the crowd while others streets have a person or two talking arm in arm. Some are in business suits and others are dressed casually. There […]

  Giuseppe Lore Urban Studies 101 I walked around the neighborhood of Howard Beach, Queens and I did not see too much disparity between social classes. There are definitely inequalities between the affluent and the poor but there are very few in between. Howard Beach is a relatively big neighborhood in geography and it consists […]

New York City is one of the most exciting and biggest cities in the United States. However, just like many other cities and towns in the United States, in NYC there is a clear division between the wealthy and the poor. You can automatically distinguish between rich neighborhoods from poor neighborhoods. Just by the way […]