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In this present day, there is a rhetoric of Mexican immigrants shown through mainstream media, whether legal or illegal, being portrayed as “rapists” and “criminals” creating a sense a fear and loathing for these minority groups among our society. This is shown to be incorrect in all facets, as the NY Times highlights research done […]

The United States is known for its notorious xenophobic reputation, especially recently since Donald Trump has been elected. We have heard the terms “rapists”, “stealing our jobs”, and “Go back to where you came from” over and over again.   Ironic, since everyone besides Natives in the United States is or ┬áhas descended from an […]

The history of New York City all started with Giovanni da Verrazzano in 1524 who sailed all throughout the Atlantic Coast, however, nothing was settled until the dutch began fur trading as well as sending families to work in settlements in New Amsterdam in 1624. Trading tools, clothes, and farming equipment started becoming big in […]