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  Will Jobs Solve Residential Segregation? Residential Segregation For over the past few centuries, there has been plenty of trial and error on how to end segregation, create equality, and make peace between all races. Yes, the United States has come along way, but there is still inequality and segregation; residential segregation to be specific. […]

During this semester I attained lots of knowledge for the different theories of economic inequality existing and the many monumental historical moments which changed the U.S. economy. This has helped me see things in America in a different light. I believe my understanding of the political institutions and policies during the 20th century has evolved, […]

Cities are no exception. As is the case with just about every modern-day amenity, its existence is, by and large, taken for granted. Why do cities exist? How were they created? Where? When? Questions like these don’t cross one’s mind often, if ever; they aren’t, seemingly, of much value. Despite this widespread perception, the truth […]