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We all hear the stories of false prosecutions/ convictions around America that happen every single day. According to an article I read, about 600,000 people are in prison and serving time for all the wrong reasons. In a case in Texas in regards to Robert Pruett, comes the ideals of how much criminal injustice that […]

As we continue to learn more about economic inequality , there are many aspects and issues in ur country that can be come into mind. In the article below, it goes into the many percentages and breaks down and shows how hard it is, for the ones in poverty to be able to obtain affordable […]

In todays society, as the gap continues to increase; rich getting richer and poor getting poorer welfare comes along to provide the people on the lower end of the totem poll with benefits to help them live daily. The Dictionary definition of welfare is ” the health, happiness, and fortunes of a person or group.”  […]

"The Odyssey"

Oh America, how we Salute you and worship you for your great opportunities which defines yourself as the “Land of the Free” and a place where there is a high chance of the  “American Dream” being obtained. Well my fellow Americans, I’ve got some news for you and if you haven’t realized it yet, you […]