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In this present day, there is a rhetoric of Mexican immigrants shown through mainstream media, whether legal or illegal, being portrayed as “rapists” and “criminals” creating a sense a fear and loathing for these minority groups among our society. This is shown to be incorrect in all facets, as the NY Times highlights research done […]

This past election has been one of the most focused on immigration. President Trump riled up a platform on xenophobia and succeeded on winning the election. One of his first actions as president was to revoke DACA, a protection status for immigrants that came to the US illegally as children before age 16, when they […]

We are from The United States of America, great country of the free. A place where anyone can come from any part of the country to start a new and better life for themselves and their families. Right ! I think this is what we want to believe but the truth is that not everyone […]

The criminal justice system has been such a huge problem in the United States for the longest time. Some choose to put the majority of the blame on the divide of social classes while others put the blame on the people themselves. Its the clash of the two arguments that make it so difficult to […]

The United States has had its fair share of immigration issues throughout history but especially now more than ever due to Donald Trump’s attempt at “protecting” this country. America was founded on immigrants and immigrants are what make this country so special, its what makes America, America. As president, he has the job of unifying […]