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We all hear the stories of false prosecutions/ convictions around America that happen every single day. According to an article I read, about 600,000 people are in prison and serving time for all the wrong reasons. In a case in Texas in regards to Robert Pruett, comes the ideals of how much criminal injustice that […]

Reagan carried on Nixon’s legacy of his coined term of “war on drugs”, by adding policies to be apart of the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970. In addition to this, Reagan implemented the Office of National Drug Control Policy in 1988 to regulate and ‘coordinate’ drug related policy within the government. Reagan really sought […]

We all know what the police are here for. Whether at the subway or the streets we walk, we know they are there to protect us and make sure people are following laws. However, there are people who will view the police differently. Watching the 13th documentary made me realize how our police system is […]