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During this semester I attained lots of knowledge for the different theories of economic inequality existing and the many monumental historical moments which changed the U.S. economy. This has helped me see things in America in a different light. I believe my understanding of the political institutions and policies during the 20th century has evolved, […]

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Globalization and Privatization Globalization and Privatization of Businesses Most people believe that the bigger someone’s business is, it should expand beyond borders and become even larger. That makes perfect sense. Why would a business that’s doing so well, stay so small? Well, that’s not the case.¬†¬†Globalization is a process of interaction and integration among the […]

Economic Inequality “Economic inequality has impacted the US and will continue to impact the US until a balance within our economy occurs. A proper definition of economic inequality can be, an imbalance of opportunity distributed within an economy.¬† One of the fragments or main focal points of economic inequality seems to be income. An imbalance […]