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In his book, What is Criminal Environmental Justice?, David Pellow–a chair in environmental studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara–makes the argument for why ecological sustainability and social justice are “symbiotic issues”; he even argues that issues or movements like the U.S. prison system, Black Lives Matter, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict relate to the […]

Public space is defined as a “social space that is generally open and accessible to the public.” Public spaces are necessary in communities in order to form a strong social environment and sense of community. Without them, there would be no open spaces for or the people in a community to gather together. With that […]

We are from The United States of America, great country of the free. A place where anyone can come from any part of the country to start a new and better life for themselves and their families. Right ! I think this is what we want to believe but the truth is that not everyone […]

We all hear the stories of false prosecutions/ convictions around America that happen every single day. According to an article I read, about 600,000 people are in prison and serving time for all the wrong reasons. In a case in Texas in regards to Robert Pruett, comes the ideals of how much criminal injustice that […]

There is thought to be a concept of “innocent until proven guilty” in this country; but, in the case of Kalief Browder, a young black male from the Bronx, such was not the case. Walking home from a party ten days before his seventeenth birthday, Kalief and his friend were stopped by a cop; the […]

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Link– Public space, particularly in a place like New York City, is an aesthetic necessity for many of its residents. Amid the endless bustle of this concrete jungle, this city that never sleeps, the presence of aesthetic and ease–things like water-fountains or trees or sitting areas–is a welcome respite for residents. But that’s changing. […]

New York City is one of the toughest cities when it comes to finding a solution to the Housing Affordability problem. This is due to the fact that the cost of living is constantly rising. Mayor De Blasio’s “Housing New York” plan was put in place to create new housing as well as to protect […]

As we continue to learn more about economic inequality , there are many aspects and issues in ur country that can be come into mind. In the article below, it goes into the many percentages and breaks down and shows how hard it is, for the ones in poverty to be able to obtain affordable […]

  Will Jobs Solve Residential Segregation? Residential Segregation For over the past few centuries, there has been plenty of trial and error on how to end segregation, create equality, and make peace between all races. Yes, the United States has come along way, but there is still inequality and segregation; residential segregation to be specific. […]

Everyone likes to think of New York City as one of the most diverse places in the World. They aren’t wrong in New York you can find residents or tourists from all around the world. This is what leads to people thinking of New York City as the “melting pot”. However, are all the diverse […]

  Reflection #2 Over the course of studying about urban life, many of my opinions have changed because I’ve learned so much more about the topic. I found welfare to be a really interesting discussion over the past semester. I find it crazy how many Americans are on welfare and how many of them are […]

In todays society, as the gap continues to increase; rich getting richer and poor getting poorer welfare comes along to provide the people on the lower end of the totem poll with benefits to help them live daily. The Dictionary definition of welfare is ” the health, happiness, and fortunes of a person or group.”  […]

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Globalization and Privatization Globalization and Privatization of Businesses Most people believe that the bigger someone’s business is, it should expand beyond borders and become even larger. That makes perfect sense. Why would a business that’s doing so well, stay so small? Well, that’s not the case.  Globalization is a process of interaction and integration among the […]

Our economy today is not that great, which is something many people understand. In results, people rely on the U.S. government to provide for their needs. Such as government programs that provide resources for people that need it, like welfare. Welfare was created to satisfy the needs of the people that truly need it. The […]

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Historical Development in Cities Development of the New World Trade Center The date was September 11th, 2001 when the United States changed forever.  At around 8:30 in the morning, two planes charged the World Trade Center. The signature skyscrapers collapsed and sent New Yorkers and the rest of the country in fear. This event affected […]