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We all hear how global warming and other issues are becoming a threat to our  environment. Now is that true? That may be a hard question for you to answer because of the influence of politics on our world today. We have people saying that indeed global warming, along with many other  environmental issues are […]

Learning about Environmental Justice this week triggered a certain Jon Stewart segment about climate change on the Daily Show. It is absolutely hilarious and i seriously recommend any of you reading to watch it right now. I promise it is not a waste of your time. Basically, Jon Stewart expresses how Climate Change is an […]

The United States is known for its notorious xenophobic reputation, especially recently since Donald Trump has been elected. We have heard the terms “rapists”, “stealing our jobs”, and “Go back to where you came from” over and over again.   Ironic, since everyone besides Natives in the United States is or  has descended from an […]

What’s considered justice and injustice? This may be an eternal problem that people in a democracy will always debate over. Laws aren’t stagnant, events and situations can change them for they are unique or may expose a loophole. The problem that New York City is facing today, which is only unique to the city, is […]

Public Space is a fairly new characteristic of modern society. It had always been part of it, but the transition from a liberal to a post-liberal view has made public space a more political issue that affects a larger part of society more than most people think. This post-liberal era of public space emphasizes safety […]

Have you ever heard from a from a loved one that they longer had a place to live in due to inability to pay for rent? This has become a major issue in the United States today especially in New York City. Prices for homes are skyrocketing here in New York City, and its getting […]

Janie L I know policies are not a simple procedure in America and although I do not understand them very well, I do admit, many of them do not fail to disgust me. According to Bernie Sanders, the middle class is disappearing, the poverty rate is bigger than ever, 95% of income went to the […]

Since it’s explosion in the 90s, the globalization & privatization of economic institutions across the world produced profound effects on economic instability, specifically in the U.S. A decline in corporate profits and increased competition from developing countries led corporations to integrate economy into other countries at the benefit of businesses. Free trade agreements allowed corporations […]

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself “how did they get there?” whenever you looked at a person or group of people who are really successful? Is it because they work or have worked any harder then we have? I mean I think I work really hard and i’m guessing you would say the same […]

Janie L Picture Source Lower-class, middle-class, upper-class. This classification seems to work better in describing airplane sections rather than the economy in America. The common belief of some sort of balance and/or gradual stairway from the impoverished to the affluent in American citizens’ minds is closer to a fairy tale than the actual reality. In […]

Growing up I was always the type of person to have adult conversations with people as I understood more about society. I was fortunate enough to never experience poverty first-hand; living in New York and in a nice neighborhood has always been the setting for me for the 10+ years I’ve lived there. However as […]

Walking around the city being aware and observant, was a life changing experience for me. There’s so much that goes on that we tend to miss because we’re too busy socializing on our phones, or conversing with our friends. I walked around Columbus Circle which is heavily populated area in the borough of Manhattan, where […]

Janie / Urban Studies/ September 11, 2017 Many people can agree that College Point is a confusing part of Queens. I have lived here my whole entire life. I grew up, shopped, went to middle/high school in this small town and still can not grasp its inhabitants and incomes. There are many people who lived […]

My Journey started outside Penn Station, where I walked up through Time-Square, and went towards the West Side Highway down 51st street.  I went to 12th Ave. and then walked back to Penn Station.  There were mainly splits in the areas I walked through, Penn Station and Time-Square are both main hubs for tourism which […]