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In his book, What is Criminal Environmental Justice?, David Pellow–a chair in environmental studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara–makes the argument for why ecological sustainability and social justice are “symbiotic issues”; he even argues that issues or movements like the U.S. prison system, Black Lives Matter, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict relate to the […]

The criminal justice system has been such a huge problem in the United States for the longest time. Some choose to put the majority of the blame on the divide of social classes while others put the blame on the people themselves. Its the clash of the two arguments that make it so difficult to […]

The United States has had its fair share of immigration issues throughout history but especially now more than ever due to Donald Trump’s attempt at “protecting” this country. America was founded on immigrants and immigrants are what make this country so special, its what makes America, America. As president, he has the job of unifying […]

The Big Apple, also known as the infamous New York City. The city heard around the world, the city that is so well known that its a big part of our society. Hollywood glorifies it, Jay Z has a song about it (as do many other artists), it’s portrayed to be this beautiful, perfect and […]

Was Bob Dylan’s hit song, ” The Times They Are A-Changin’” (1964), way ahead of its time? A 1963 article in The New York Times declared that, “segregation is as much a fact of life [in the North] as it is in the South.” According to The Times, “almost invariably the color of [“the Negro’s”] […]

In todays society, as the gap continues to increase; rich getting richer and poor getting poorer welfare comes along to provide the people on the lower end of the totem poll with benefits to help them live daily. The Dictionary definition of welfare is ” the health, happiness, and fortunes of a person or group.”  […]

Low wage workers specifically people of color throughout the United States struggle to make ends meet and to support their families. Certain states like New York, California or Hawaii are too expensive to live in and with a low minimum wage $9.25 – $11.00 and it isn’t nearly enough to live a comfortable life. Though […]

Globalization and privatization have been flourishing in the United States lately. Ever since the 1990’s it has exploded and allowed many business to flourish and create their products for much cheaper while selling them for a hefty price. What isn’t talked about however is how it can have an impact on the economy if the […]

Developing Cities Cities for a long time in America are very diverse and tend to change with the economic environment.  Cities constantly change because the people’s purpose is fluid and will change depending on individual needs. Companies look to move based on tax cuts, cheap repurposed land, and access to cheap labor.  The citizens of […]

Have you ever wondered how much the wealthiest people in America make? Only to find out that it is a number unfathomable to the average worker. Economic Inequality is a prevalent problem ongoing in the United States between the earnings of the rich and the average worker in our society. Whether you believe it or […]

Economic Inequality “Economic inequality has impacted the US and will continue to impact the US until a balance within our economy occurs. A proper definition of economic inequality can be, an imbalance of opportunity distributed within an economy.  One of the fragments or main focal points of economic inequality seems to be income. An imbalance […]

The United States is the most unequal of all western nations. Out of the top 20 most developed nations, the U.S. has the most extreme concentration of wealth. The richest 1% earns more than double what the majority makes. What causes economic inequality? I have the same question, and there are many different theories. The […]

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself “how did they get there?” whenever you looked at a person or group of people who are really successful? Is it because they work or have worked any harder then we have? I mean I think I work really hard and i’m guessing you would say the same […]

Janie L Picture Source Lower-class, middle-class, upper-class. This classification seems to work better in describing airplane sections rather than the economy in America. The common belief of some sort of balance and/or gradual stairway from the impoverished to the affluent in American citizens’ minds is closer to a fairy tale than the actual reality. In […]

You see the word “inequality” everywhere, but what does it actually mean?  Economic inequality is described as the unequal distribution of income and wealth. In other words, the gap between the rich and the poor. We all imagine our world to be perfect that the distribution of our country’s wealth is equally distributed to the […]