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Learning about Environmental Justice this week triggered a certain Jon Stewart segment about climate change on the Daily Show. It is absolutely hilarious and i seriously recommend any of you reading to watch it right now. I promise it is not a waste of your time. Basically, Jon Stewart expresses how Climate Change is an […]

In this present day, there is a rhetoric of Mexican immigrants shown through mainstream media, whether legal or illegal, being portrayed as “rapists” and “criminals” creating a sense a fear and loathing for these minority groups among our society. This is shown to be incorrect in all facets, as the NY Times highlights research done […]

We are from The United States of America, great country of the free. A place where anyone can come from any part of the country to start a new and better life for themselves and their families. Right ! I think this is what we want to believe but the truth is that not everyone […]

The criminal justice system has been such a huge problem in the United States for the longest time. Some choose to put the majority of the blame on the divide of social classes while others put the blame on the people themselves. Its the clash of the two arguments that make it so difficult to […]

We all hear the stories of false prosecutions/ convictions around America that happen every single day. According to an article I read, about 600,000 people are in prison and serving time for all the wrong reasons. In a case in Texas in regards to Robert Pruett, comes the ideals of how much criminal injustice that […]

Reagan carried on Nixon’s legacy of his coined term of “war on drugs”, by adding policies to be apart of the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970. In addition to this, Reagan implemented the Office of National Drug Control Policy in 1988 to regulate and ‘coordinate’ drug related policy within the government. Reagan really sought […]

What’s considered justice and injustice? This may be an eternal problem that people in a democracy will always debate over. Laws aren’t stagnant, events and situations can change them for they are unique or may expose a loophole. The problem that New York City is facing today, which is only unique to the city, is […]

The Big Apple, also known as the infamous New York City. The city heard around the world, the city that is so well known that its a big part of our society. Hollywood glorifies it, Jay Z has a song about it (as do many other artists), it’s portrayed to be this beautiful, perfect and […]

As we continue to learn more about economic inequality , there are many aspects and issues in ur country that can be come into mind. In the article below, it goes into the many percentages and breaks down and shows how hard it is, for the ones in poverty to be able to obtain affordable […]

Everyone likes to think of New York City as one of the most diverse places in the World. They aren’t wrong in New York you can find residents or tourists from all around the world. This is what leads to people thinking of New York City as the “melting pot”. However, are all the diverse […]

During this semester I attained lots of knowledge for the different theories of economic inequality existing and the many monumental historical moments which changed the U.S. economy. This has helped me see things in America in a different light. I believe my understanding of the political institutions and policies during the 20th century has evolved, […]

Janie L I know policies are not a simple procedure in America and although I do not understand them very well, I do admit, many of them do not fail to disgust me. According to Bernie Sanders, the middle class is disappearing, the poverty rate is bigger than ever, 95% of income went to the […]

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Globalization and Privatization Globalization and Privatization of Businesses Most people believe that the bigger someone’s business is, it should expand beyond borders and become even larger. That makes perfect sense. Why would a business that’s doing so well, stay so small? Well, that’s not the case.  Globalization is a process of interaction and integration among the […]

Our economy today is not that great, which is something many people understand. In results, people rely on the U.S. government to provide for their needs. Such as government programs that provide resources for people that need it, like welfare. Welfare was created to satisfy the needs of the people that truly need it. The […]

Since it’s explosion in the 90s, the globalization & privatization of economic institutions across the world produced profound effects on economic instability, specifically in the U.S. A decline in corporate profits and increased competition from developing countries led corporations to integrate economy into other countries at the benefit of businesses. Free trade agreements allowed corporations […]