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In 1971, former U.S president Richard Nixon, notorious for the Watergate Scandal, proclaimed a so called “War on Drugs”. For the next several decades, the whole nation was turned upside down. Labeled as “public enemy number one”, a crackdown on enforcing the drug laws and creating stricter legislation was starting to ensue. This was when crack was starting to grow big and almost everyone was doing it. The crackdown on drugs set the standard on criminalization of drug related incidences. The legislation of drug laws we know now and are familiar with, is because of the war on drugs. The next two presidents, Carter and Clinton, both continued the war on drugs and even extended efforts. As a result of the 25 years on the war on drugs, the DEA was created and thousands of people were arrested and criminalized for drug related crimes and incarcerated.

I believe that yes, drugs do harm your body, but I also believe that this country should be more lenient on those who are addicted or can’t escape from drugs. I hear of those who receive 18 month sentencing all because of a few grams of weed. In my opinion drugs is a choice to people because I do believe in “it’s your body and you should have the choice what to put in it” However, if it starts to affect more than just yourself and intervention is needed, either medical or law, then intervention must take place. Although race shouldn’t affect criminal sentencing, we see racial injustice especially when it comes to drug crimes.  

I also believe that race also plays a big part in criminal justice for most people think that colored people have more harsher punishments than white people. Like what we were talking about in class that if white people were to have cocaine their punishment isn’t as harsh as if black people were to have crack. The 13th amendment states that slaves are free, unless you’re a prisoner, then the whole law changes. Things such as probation and community service are legal but essentially take away our rights as an individual. As Bernie Sanders once said, “Drug addiction is not a crime it is a health issue.”


  1. Imran Khan says:

    I agree with many of your points on drugs but a question I’ve always had on drugs or any substance in general is that back in the days even coffee was illegal until the government found a way to tax it and in my opinion once the government finds a way to tax any type of drug it’ll become legal within the states.

  2. Sekai Dolin says:

    I agree with this post. People are going to always find a way to do what they want regardless, therefore it really makes no sense to ban or make it illegal. Guns, however, are also deadly and are still legal.

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