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Have you ever stopped and asked yourself “how did they get there?” whenever you looked at a person or group of people who are really successful? Is it because they work or have worked any harder then we have? I mean I think I work really hard and i’m guessing you would say the same about yourself. Now come on a bunch of these successful CEO’s of these large corporations and business owners are a bunch of lazy old people sitting on their butts all day, so what is it? What draws the line between us and them and what is the reason for this inequality? Now I know I just threw a bunch of questions at you that got you thinking so, let’s try breaking this down together. Before we can even discuss this topic, we need to understand what exactly is economic inequality. Economic inequality is described as the extent of which income is distributed in unevenly to a population. Here’s an example that might help you understand this concept a little better, according to, America’s top 10% is averaging more than nine times as much income than the bottom 90 percent. Shocking isn’t it? Wait there’s more, America’s top “one” percent you hear everyone talking about is averaging 40 times more income than the bottom 90 percent. Guess where most of us fall in, yes the bottom the 90 percent. Going back to the CEO’s, did you know that the ratio of  large company CEO pay to U.S American workers in 2016 was 347:1? Enough statistic talk, so now that you see what i’m talking about, what is the reason or cause for all this? The sad truth is that there is so many different things that can be blamed for this inequality, and so it really is hard to pinpoint what exactly is the cause of it. In,, technology and education, trade, and U.S. government policies can be some causes. For the idea of technology and education, according to Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor David Autor, “demand for skill has consistently increased across developed countries”.  The skills are not being supplied in at a rate to meet the demands. A solution for this cause could be to increase education and job training opportunities so workers get better paying. The idea of trade being another cause has to do with America importing most of the their stuff so that leads to loss of jobs in industries that originally produce these products and offshoring. A solution that was proposed was making U.S exports more competitive and the depreciation of the U.S. dollar. For American policies, things like minimum wage and supervising wall street can be seen as a solution for that issue. The harsh reality of it though, is that this gap between the rich and poor has been going on for a multitude of decades, and no matter what solutions are thought of, the rich will always be rich and the poor will always be poor.


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  1. janiel12 says:

    I enjoyed your writing style- which transitioned from humor into a more serious approach. It was entertaining yet informative. I agree that the truth about economic inequality is shocking. I do not think it is good that it is shocking to most people because it means that most have no idea about the corruption brewing in their own country. It seems as if economic inequality is a whole other beast to conquer in the United States, since greed is a massive force and the source is hard to pinpoint, as you said.

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