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My Reflection 1

Name: Mia Narvaez

Class: Urban studies 101

My Reflection 1

Upon choosing to take a walk through my neighborhood I couldn’t help but to take notice to my neighbor’s garden. I couldn’t understand why now it always stood out to me more than anything else around me in my neighborhood. Then suddenly I had a realization that it was because I couldn’t get over the fascination of how big it has flourished. I began think wow, all this came from very small and tiny seeds. Then I thought deeper into how this garden reminded me a lot of individuals living in poverty that are now growing to save money.  Then I began to ask myself this question “does having very little financial means really matter? Or is it rather what you decide to do with it and how you manage it is where it really counts. For an example, there is today many TV documentary series and real celebrities that shares their stories of how they came from poverty and lived in impoverished areas but struck at millions and became rich. Some of these examples include “VH1 behind the music”, or “how the lottery changed my life”. However, there were a lot of these individuals whom lost all their money due to poor money management. In other words, I don’t think were you were born or what country you may have migrated from matters. I think its how you utilize and invest the opportunities and money that is given to you; like my neighbors from them utilizing a small seed of means they had then in return reaped a very large harvest.  I also think that’s the difference between someone whom is rich and someone who is poor.  A poor person must take what little means they have like my neighbors and try to turn it into something that is bountiful. However, on the other hand a rich person usually has come from a background with access to a plethora opportunities.  Like for an example good education, family inheritance of not necessarily money but the bare necessities being handed to them. Which therefore provided them with a sturdy foundation. But on the contrary for a poor person there is a complete lack what I describe as “a stepping stone of a foundation” of all these things I rich person may already possess. However, As far as my thoughts about inequalities and its existence. I think it exists because we do not treat each other fairly. What I mean by that is we are all members of society and it is up to us to treat each other as equals. However, in present day 2017 there is so much bias, racism, and stigma that we have about cultures, individuals with disabilities, and various races. That thus I question everyday if we will ever evolve as individuals beyond it. I’ll admit for a second I really thought we were moving beyond all of this when we elected our first bi racial president. But I noticed with everything that is going on today we white nationalism resurfacing and the current presidential administration. I am afraid to admit that we still seem to have a long way to go.

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