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Whats it Like in Main Street, Flushing
Categories: Group 5, Reflection 1

Walking down Main Street, Flushing, lets you envision many people. Some who are rich people and others who are poor people. But what makes a person rich and what makes a person poor? Someone who is rich has a nice place to live, can afford nice cars, and can support their family with more than basic needs. However, poor people don’t wear expensive clothes, struggles to provide the basic needs for their family, lives in a broken down apartment in a bad neighborhood, and uses public transportation to get places (does not have access to private transportation). The difference between someone who is rich and someone who is poor is their life style. Someone who is rich lives as if they can do everything and has a positive attitude towards life. While poor people view life as if nothing is ever going to go their way and has a negative attitude towards life. But how does one become rich or poor? To become rich you have to give it your all and never give up, no matter what obstacles comes your way. As to become poor, there are factors such as bankruptcy, getting robbed, and giving up after failing will make you poor. Some factors that influence the economic resources that they have at their disposal are tax returns, special programs, and government funding. There are many factors that play on wealth and poverty. Things such as family background, financial success, where they live, connections, and education. So what is inequality and why does it exist in society today? Inequality is the financial gap between the rich and the poor and each year that gap is growing and growing. It exists in our society today because ever since the great recession, the rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer.

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  1. Sekai Dolin says:

    I really like this post. You do a good job of explaining the divide between rich and poor and also what makes a person poor as opposed to rich.

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