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Reflection #1
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     Rich & Poor in Flushing, NY

      In everyday life, you walk around thinking what’s best for you and the people you care for. You usually see a homeless man or woman on the side of the street and move on with your day. It’s becoming so normal to see homeless people walk in the streets and especially in New York City. As I was walking around Flushing, Queens, I would see people living in shopping carts walking right past beautiful houses. The rich and the poor are living in the same community. I’ve never took notice to this until I really stopped and took a look around. Coming from Huntington, Long Island, there’s not so much poverty on the streets as there is in New York City. While looking around Flushing, I’ve came to notice the lack of white homeless people. Most of them seem to be minorities. There are so many rights movements going on and there already have been so many rallies that it’s shocking to think there is still so much inequality going on right around us. Though, there are so many different excuses to why there are so many poor minorities. It could be the workforce and how it’s hard to find a job because of the color of your skin. Others can state they’re not working hard enough.  It all comes down to one’s opinion on the matter. The same thing can go for wealth. Did that person get that job over that other person because of skin color? In New York City, I think wealth is the world. New York is becoming more and more expensive to live in each month. Even parts that someone would think is dangerous is turning around and being filled with nice apartments and housing. Transportation around the city is becoming expensive also.  As a result of this, the wealthy is getting paid even more because it’s going to cost them more to get around and support themselves and family if they have one. It sounds great from the rich person’s point of view, but for the poor, it’s almost feels like it can’t be happening. It’s already hard to get a job for them as it is, and now it’s getting more expensive and harder. Though, what makes someone poor isn’t primarily living on the streets and have no job. There are families struggling and mothers and fathers are working everyday, all the time to support themselves. They have a house and jobs so how is that not wealth? Going to school in New York City made me realize wealth is more than just having a job and a house. That may be wealth in other parts of the country and world, but here, wealth is when you can pay those taxes, afford food and clothing, buy a home, and be ok with it. New York City is filling up with poverty and filling up with the rich; where is the middle class?

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  1. Kb says:

    Still happening in the richest (greatest) country in the world!?

    That’s not so great!

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