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I walked around Gantry Plaza State Park in Long Island City, I was amazed by the views of the city from right here and as I walked toward the Pepsi sign, every building looked modern and when you passed gyms, restaurants, and grocery shops they all look brand new. It took some photos and it […]

Have you ever wondered how much the wealthiest people in America make? Only to find out that it is a number unfathomable to the average worker. Economic Inequality is a prevalent problem ongoing in the United States between the earnings of the rich and the average worker in our society. Whether you believe it or […]

Economic Inequality “Economic inequality has impacted the US and will continue to impact the US until a balance within our economy occurs. A proper definition of economic inequality can be, an imbalance of opportunity distributed within an economy.  One of the fragments or main focal points of economic inequality seems to be income. An imbalance […]

The United States is the most unequal of all western nations. Out of the top 20 most developed nations, the U.S. has the most extreme concentration of wealth. The richest 1% earns more than double what the majority makes. What causes economic inequality? I have the same question, and there are many different theories. The […]

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself “how did they get there?” whenever you looked at a person or group of people who are really successful? Is it because they work or have worked any harder then we have? I mean I think I work really hard and i’m guessing you would say the same […]

Janie L Picture Source Lower-class, middle-class, upper-class. This classification seems to work better in describing airplane sections rather than the economy in America. The common belief of some sort of balance and/or gradual stairway from the impoverished to the affluent in American citizens’ minds is closer to a fairy tale than the actual reality. In […]

You see the word “inequality” everywhere, but what does it actually mean?  Economic inequality is described as the unequal distribution of income and wealth. In other words, the gap between the rich and the poor. We all imagine our world to be perfect that the distribution of our country’s wealth is equally distributed to the […]

Have you ever asked yourself, why is it that no matter how hard you work your still living paycheck to paycheck? I mean even the most devoted dedicated work-acholic these days still seems to be struggling to rise out of their financial slump.  I can’t explain to you how many times I have tried to […]

"The Odyssey"

Oh America, how we Salute you and worship you for your great opportunities which defines yourself as the “Land of the Free” and a place where there is a high chance of the  “American Dream” being obtained. Well my fellow Americans, I’ve got some news for you and if you haven’t realized it yet, you […]

We all know that our bosses that are in executive positions must be getting a higher paycheck than our average worker salary of about $35,000 dollars. But the question is do we know how much more the CEO’s of the companies we work for are actually getting paid. It’s an issue that has been prominent […]

Mind the Gap by David Neita Mind the Gap between the rich and the poor If nothing is done it will extend even more The rich live on Excess Island in the middle of Deprived Sea when the wealth of the world is enough to satisfy everybody If wealth is distributed, then wealth will increase […]

Name: Mia Narvaez Class: Urban studies 101 My Reflection 1 Upon choosing to take a walk through my neighborhood I couldn’t help but to take notice to my neighbor’s garden. I couldn’t understand why now it always stood out to me more than anything else around me in my neighborhood. Then suddenly I had a […]

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I took a trip to my old “home away from home” neighborhood, Tribeca, in the Borough of Manhattan. I use to go to school around there. My school was called BMCC and It was located on chambers street near the world trade center. As I explored my old neighborhood I noticed the familiar sight of […]

Growing up I was always the type of person to have adult conversations with people as I understood more about society. I was fortunate enough to never experience poverty first-hand; living in New York and in a nice neighborhood has always been the setting for me for the 10+ years I’ve lived there. However as […]

Walking all over Astoria wasnt as tiring as I thought since I had so many thoughts running through my mind.  I walked through Ditmars Blvd and Steinway street. They are both very busy streets with a lot of business and a train station so there’s a lot of people traveling for their day back and […]