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How many times have you been walking down the street looking for a place to sit, not knowing if you were able to sit in these areas? If you can, these places are called public spaces. Public spaces are “A public space may be a gathering spot or part of a neighborhood, downtown, special district, […]

Public Space is a fairly new characteristic of modern society. It had always been part of it, but the transition from a liberal to a post-liberal view has made public space a more political issue that affects a larger part of society more than most people think. This post-liberal era of public space emphasizes safety […]

Andrew Carnegie believed that those who wanted to help the poor should be donating money into creating public purposes. He believed that it is the “true antidote for the temporary distribution of wealth, the reconciliation of the rich and the poor — a reign of harmony…” The “public purposes” that he spoke of meant public […]

New York City is in very high demand for a place to be living. Everyone who lives in New York City knows the struggle of paying for rent, and some can’t even make rent. People are moving out and getting roommates to meet rent or even moving out of the city to be able to […]

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A song I often listen to is “Pharsyde” by A$AP Rocky and in the song, there is one verse “Gentrification split the nation that I once was raised in” and I never understood what gentrification meant, nor did it interest me until I learned about it recently in class. Gentrification is the process in which […]

Link– Public space, particularly in a place like New York City, is an aesthetic necessity for many of its residents. Amid the endless bustle of this concrete jungle, this city that never sleeps, the presence of aesthetic and ease–things like water-fountains or trees or sitting areas–is a welcome respite for residents. But that’s changing. […]

As we already know, housing affordability has been a rising problem in NYC. Rent in this city is always increasing. Many people are becoming homeless due to this problem because they can no longer afford to pay their rent or find another home within their budget. Although there are rent stabilization laws in NYC, where […]

New York City is one of the best cities in the world, but it is also one of the most expensive cities in the world! I have lived in NYC my entire life and all I hear people complain about is how much rent is and how it is way too expensive for what they […]

Have you ever heard from a from a loved one that they longer had a place to live in due to inability to pay for rent? This has become a major issue in the United States today especially in New York City. Prices for homes are skyrocketing here in New York City, and its getting […]

New York City is one of the toughest cities when it comes to finding a solution to the Housing Affordability problem. This is due to the fact that the cost of living is constantly rising. Mayor De Blasio’s “Housing New York” plan was put in place to create new housing as well as to protect […]

The Big Apple, also known as the infamous New York City. The city heard around the world, the city that is so well known that its a big part of our society. Hollywood glorifies it, Jay Z has a song about it (as do many other artists), it’s portrayed to be this beautiful, perfect and […]

Affordable housing has become a main issue in NYC and across the United States. In 2014, Mayor De Blasio put forth an affordable housing plan for NYC. This plan has been met with a mixture of support and critique. First I’d like you to do some independent research on the plan. I recommend skimming a […]

Was Bob Dylan’s hit song, ” The Times They Are A-Changin’” (1964), way ahead of its time? A 1963 article in The New York Times declared that, “segregation is as much a fact of life [in the North] as it is in the South.” According to The Times, “almost invariably the color of [“the Negro’s”] […]

Housing affordability is housing that meets the needs for families with low or moderate income. These families can meet the needs for food, clothes, entertainment, etc. Living in New York City, you can see so many different races all around you. Each neighborhood is different in this city according to race and ethnicity. Residential segregation plays […]

Obviously, residential segregation would not exist if it wasn’t for racial segregation. To understand why residential segregation one would have to understand the backstory of our history so here’s a little recap. Racial segregation is something that’s been going on for decades. Racial segregation is the divide between ethnic groups and it’s an issue that […]