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We all hear how global warming and other issues are becoming a threat to our  environment. Now is that true? That may be a hard question for you to answer because of the influence of politics on our world today. We have people saying that indeed global warming, along with many other  environmental issues are […]

In his book, What is Criminal Environmental Justice?, David Pellow–a chair in environmental studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara–makes the argument for why ecological sustainability and social justice are “symbiotic issues”; he even argues that issues or movements like the U.S. prison system, Black Lives Matter, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict relate to the […]

Learning about Environmental Justice this week triggered a certain Jon Stewart segment about climate change on the Daily Show. It is absolutely hilarious and i seriously recommend any of you reading to watch it right now. I promise it is not a waste of your time. Basically, Jon Stewart expresses how Climate Change is an […]

In this  article about Copenhagen being the first Climate Change resistant city brings a lot of topics to mind.  When a problem is admitted by a majority of the officials running a certain area great strides towards the future can be made.  In this current epoch, the Anthropocene, where is it generally accepted that man’s […]

In this present day, there is a rhetoric of Mexican immigrants shown through mainstream media, whether legal or illegal, being portrayed as “rapists” and “criminals” creating a sense a fear and loathing for these minority groups among our society. This is shown to be incorrect in all facets, as the NY Times highlights research done […]

The United States is known for its notorious xenophobic reputation, especially recently since Donald Trump has been elected. We have heard the terms “rapists”, “stealing our jobs”, and “Go back to where you came from” over and over again.   Ironic, since everyone besides Natives in the United States is or  has descended from an […]

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Immigration Policy in the U.S. under the Family-Based Immigration protects spouses, unmarried minor children, and parents of U.S. citizens. There is also Employment-Based Immigration as well as Refugees/Asylees protection. And although all of these programs are in place, it is still hard for immigrants in the United States. The process of gaining citizenship or even […]

Criminal Justice is “the system of practices and institutions of governments directed at upholding social control, deterring and mitigating crime, or sanctioning those who violate laws with criminal penalties and rehabilitation efforts.” ( However, there are many flaws in the United States Criminal Justice System. The first is that evidence is most times circumstantial. Very […]

Public space is defined as a “social space that is generally open and accessible to the public.” Public spaces are necessary in communities in order to form a strong social environment and sense of community. Without them, there would be no open spaces for or the people in a community to gather together. With that […]

This past election has been one of the most focused on immigration. President Trump riled up a platform on xenophobia and succeeded on winning the election. One of his first actions as president was to revoke DACA, a protection status for immigrants that came to the US illegally as children before age 16, when they […]

We are from The United States of America, great country of the free. A place where anyone can come from any part of the country to start a new and better life for themselves and their families. Right ! I think this is what we want to believe but the truth is that not everyone […]

The criminal justice system has been such a huge problem in the United States for the longest time. Some choose to put the majority of the blame on the divide of social classes while others put the blame on the people themselves. Its the clash of the two arguments that make it so difficult to […]

The United States has had its fair share of immigration issues throughout history but especially now more than ever due to Donald Trump’s attempt at “protecting” this country. America was founded on immigrants and immigrants are what make this country so special, its what makes America, America. As president, he has the job of unifying […]

The immigration policy has become stricter with the new presidential election. Donald Trump wants to build his famous wall that he never stops mentioning, and he wants illegal immigrants to stay where they came from. Borders have check points, which is smart. The people and the government wouldn’t want things smuggled into a different country, […]

We all hear the stories of false prosecutions/ convictions around America that happen every single day. According to an article I read, about 600,000 people are in prison and serving time for all the wrong reasons. In a case in Texas in regards to Robert Pruett, comes the ideals of how much criminal injustice that […]